A self-empowering approach to help you
  • Address underlying issues that may contribute to your behaviors
  • Build motivation to change
  • Cope with urges or cravings
  • Approach your problems in a more rational manner
  • Create a sense of purpose and meaning in your life
  • Prevent relapse by building resiliance
Treatment Approach

You will play an essential role in designing your own recovery program in a way that best addresses your particular needs.  I work with both those who choose abstinence, as well as those who are want to moderate their use.  

I integrate traditional addiction treatment methods with psychotherapy, in order to address your addictive behaviors alongside other issues you may have.  For many people, their addictive tendencies are closely tied to states of anxiety and stress, including panic, phobias, social anxiety, and general states of anxiety.  Mood behaviors are also closely connected to both addiction and anxiety states. 

I offer treatment in an individual, outpatient setting. If you chose, you may include your family or friends in your treatment.  I encourage a non-confrontive approach to the involvement of concerned significant others.  

For those who need or prefer more intensive or comprehensive treatment services, I can help you put together a clinical team that will suit your particular needs.  This team could include a psychologist, psychiatrist, addiction counselor, case manager, and others depending on your needs.

Treatment methods used are those supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, including Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Contingency Management, and Relapse Prevention.  I also include those treatment modalities best suited to address underlying issues of anxiety and mood.   
Dr. Myers' Credentitals in Addiction Treatment

I am a Licensed Psychologist in California (PSY23354), 

a Master Addiction Counselor (NAADAC)

  I served as a facilitator, Regional Administrator and Volunteer Advisor for SMART Recovery, 
  was on the Advisory Board for self-help groups for the State of California, 
worked in a large treatment center with Mental Health Systems as an addiction counselor, 
was qualified as a Substance Abuse Provider (SAP),
worked as a recovery coach,
serve as a board member of Addiction Recovery Management,
worked as a staff psychologists at an outpatient addiction treatment center, and 
have specialized in addiction/co-occurring disorders since 2005

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